About us

Welcome to Hotel Finlandia in Marbella.

Hotel Finlandia opened its doors to travellers in June 1964. It is located in the heart of Marbella, 150 metres from the beach and only a short walk from the Old Town, in the cardinal centre of the city, in a tranquil yet commercial area, with great offers in bars and restaurants to enjoy the rich gastronomy of both local and international cuisine.

Hotel Finlandia is a small lodging with a family atmosphere, simple but friendly, in a location that could not be more sublime and with over 50 years of “experiences” hosting travellers from all around the world.

In this house, the guest receives a welcoming and warm treatment, making sure that their stay will be as pleasant as possible. We try to inform our guests of all the small corners of interest and activities in the area, a bit different to the customs of this city. Our desire is that the guests enjoy an amicable and inviting Marbella, with unique Andalusian, cosmopolitan, hospitable, Mediterranean, fun, and healthy character.

— Hotel in the center of Marbella.

The perfect place to enjoy Marbella and Costa Del Sol.